New interfaces for new experiences

For the last couple of years chatbots, along with AR and VR, have been the new frontier of digital experiences.
At Vento, we help our clients understand how to leverage these technologies to change the way they engage their customers.
We use proven technology and AI tools, so we can focus on experience.
When it comes to chatbots, personality and communication style are the key ingredients of a successful interaction.

From the mechanic to the Concierge experience

Not all chatbots are created equal. Ultimately, it depends on business demands and user expectations.
By focusing on business needs, we advise our clients on the type of chatbot that will help them reach their goals.
From a basic mechanic interaction that may allow to reduce costs – like a schedule assistant -, to a full Concierge that gives a personalized service – like a personal finance assistant-, the options are limitless.

Chatbot building process

What’s the right chatbot for your business?

Depending on your goals, we will create the best solution for your business.
We map the customer journey, design the experience and the UI.
~4 Weeks

What’s the best technical solution for your business?

There are plenty of AI tools in the market. Our team will help you choose and customize the right solution.
~2 Weeks

Making the chatbot smart

The biggest challenge is to make it smart! We train and test the solution until is ready to talk with your customers.
~2 Weeks

Preparing your customer

Chatbots are still a new experience for most people.
We would help you plan the implementation and design a seamless onboarding process.
~2 Weeks

Architecture and technology

Vento engine can run over multiple cloud infrastructure providing high performance, availability and security levels.
Vento engine integrates easily with business APIs and delivers the chatbot services to multiple IM services apart of the customizable web chat application.